About the Company

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We focus on technology so you can focus on safe and high-quality work.

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Empower construction companies.
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Digitize & transform the construction industry.
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Create solutions, solve problems & help people.

GridForce empowers construction companies through consulting, software development, and IT services.  We’re on a mission to digitize and transform the construction industry one app at a time.  

At GridForce, innovation is everything.  It has been at the center of our story from day one. Embracing new concepts, products, and adventures is who we are. Creating new solutions, solving problems, and helping people is the definition of what we are all about. We believe that everything is possible and that the possibilities are endless. 

What We Do

We stand as a team for reliable user-first products, leading by example and serving others.

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Be Reliable

Reliability through quick support response times and technical support.

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User First

User First by providing products that are easy to use, cross-device compatible and consistent.

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Lead By Example

Team Strength by hiring only supportive, professional, creative and determined individuals.

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Serve Others

Trusted Reputation from delivering results and dedicated to helping our community.