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The construction industry is known for its fast-paced and high-intensity environment.  Evolving logistics, multiple stakeholders, and shifting goals make it crucial to manage projects efficiently.  To succeed, you need to do more than just survive, you need to thrive. As technology continues to advance, the options for apps keep growing endlessly.  One of the most valuable types of technology currently available is API. Application programming interface is reshaping the world of construction.  So, you have a lot of construction projects to manage but find that there are too many options for construction management software.  How will you choose?  To help you navigate this decision, we are discussing two leading options: Procore and Quickbase.

Procore vs Quickbase

Procore and Quickbase both can be used as a project management construction software. Quickbase is fully customizable and can be used to build any type of app you may need. Procore on the other hand solves specific pain-points in construction and integrates with many construction industry platforms using their Procore Marketplace. It’s possible you have found both platforms useful in their own way and are now looking to make the two systems “talk”.

Reasons to integrate Procore and Quickbase

  1. Build different steps for different rules
  2. Filter results and only proceed when condition is met
  3. Format and modify incoming data
  4. Delay or schedule actions based on time
  5. Trigger actions and workflows TO and FROM external systems
  6. Backup data and documents to external systems

Examples of Procore and Quickbase integrations

  1. When a new Project is created in Procore -> Create a Project record in Quickbase
  2. When a New Hire record is completed -> Create Employee Record in Quickbase -> Create a User in Procore
  3. When Photo is uploaded to Procore -> Change Pictures Uploaded to Yes on Scheduled Job
  4. Sync Events in Procore to your Quickbase Dashboard

What you’ll need to integrate Procore and Quickbase

  1. Your Procore Company ID
  2. Your Procore Access Token – Sign into Procore Developer Portal
    2. Retrieve your Authorization Code on Response – Protect this as you would a password
  3. Your Quickbase Realm ID
  4. Your Quickbase App ID
  5. Your Quickbase Table ID
  6. Your Quickbase User Token – Login to Quickbase
    1. Create one in Quickbase > My Preferences > Manage my user tokens
    2. Retrieve your user token – Protect this as you would a password

Integration options and alternatives

  • Webhooks
  • Quickbase Pipelines
  • Third-party Integration Tools like Zapier (Comes with additional Cost)

Procore Overview

Procore is a cloud-based construction management software that helps construction companies manage multiple projects.  Construction companies can use Procore from the start of a project to the finish.  Areas of focus include preconstruction, project management, resource management, and financial management.  Its open API allows users to integrate the software with many applications to create an all-in-one experience.  This freedom gives users the ability to tailor the platform to meet the unique needs of their organization.  Due to this versatility and adaptability, Procore offers innovative solutions for everyone.

Procore API

Procore’s open API serves as the foundational framework that can be used to develop custom integrations between Procore and other software and technology.  This powerful API can help companies leverage Procore applications by expanding the platform’s core abilities.  Developers are empowered to retrieve information and execute actions with ease by utilizing Procore resources through HTTP requests within a RESTful architecture.  Examples of possible integrations include analytics, business intelligence, reporting, estimating, CRM, project health, mobile apps, accounting, BIM, and payroll/time tracking.  Procore’s API delivers more value by catapulting functionality to new levels.  Developers can build custom apps and integrations and integrate them with other solutions.  Businesses are able to organize, extract, and use their data in meaningful ways to solve challenges that they may encounter.

(Image Credit: Procore)

Quickbase Overview

Quickbase is a low-code application development platform that helps teams build a centralized database, customize workflows, and manage projects.  Users can connect Quickbase to third-party applications using Quickbase RESTful API and Pipelines to create a custom platform.  Automation and real-time actionable insights help teams gather and analyze impactful data.  Quickbase is the cornerstone where businesses and IT meet to collaborate and build an ecosystem of applications.

Quickbase API

Quickbase offers users the ability to use JSON RESTful API to maximize the potential of their platform.  By leveraging APIs to access data, code, software, or services of other apps and companies, users can extend the functionality of the original product to meet the sophisticated needs of the organization and its clients.  Some possible ways to use Quickbase JSON RESTful API include accessing Quickbase apps, managing Quickbase roles, creating automations, defining table relationships, and replacing the XML API. Construction project management software -construction database technology - construction job scheduling - construction database - project management - by gridforcetech


In conclusion, the fast-paced nature of the construction industry requires technology that can help organizations keep up and effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously. Advancing technology increases the number of options available. Rather than using many stand-alone apps, more companies are looking towards the advantages of APIs to maximize app functionality. APIs help companies anticipate and react to challenges, needs, and expectations. Construction companies can stay agile and use revolutionary APIs to connect data points. Overall, we hope that this guide has provided you with insight to help you decide which solution is the best fit for your organization.

What construction management software does your organization use and what is your favorite part about it?  Drop us a comment down below.

Need help?

GridForce offers training and support to help you get Procore and Quickbase integrated at your construction company.

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