Quickbase Project Management App

Discover how these tools make tasks like updating schedules, mapping inspections, and calculating purchase orders easier, making construction projects smoother and more organized.

This content introduces various features of construction databases, project management and construction operations software.


Update Schedule Allowed Formula for Approval

We can build custom solutions for your needs, including updating the schedule allowed formula for approval in Quickbase. Our team has the expertise to tailor Quickbase to fit your specific requirements.

Map Pre-Field Inspection Choices to Scheduling Form

We can build a solution that maps pre-field inspection choices to your scheduling form, streamlining your workflow and ensuring accurate data entry.

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Summary Fields to Work Orders

We can build summary fields for work orders, which can help streamline your work order management process by providing quick access to summarized information. Ensure that you have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

Field Conversion, Lookup to Schedule

For Field Conversion, we can assist you in converting and customizing fields to meet your specific needs. This includes updating field types, formats, and calculations to ensure they align with your business requirements.

For Lookup to Schedule, we can help you set up lookup fields that reference schedule data, allowing you to easily view and manage scheduled tasks, appointments, or events within your application.

Form Rules to Preset Selections from Prefield

We can help you streamline your workflow by setting up form rules that automatically select predefined values based on the prefilled information. This can save you time and ensure consistency in data entry across your forms.

Add FCO, Timesheet Cost Summarize to Work Order

We can add the functionality to summarize FCO (Field Change Orders) and Timesheet Costs to the Work Order feature. This enhancement will allow for better tracking and management of costs associated with work orders, providing a more comprehensive view of project expenses.

PO Amount

We can help you manage and track your purchase orders efficiently, ensuring accurate record-keeping and streamlined processes. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with construction company database systems, providing a comprehensive platform for managing POs and related data.

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