Rapid Request Update!

Happy to announce Rapid Request won 5th place in the 2020 Quick Base Virtual Hackathon!

Out of 100+ submissions, it’s an honor to be chosen as 5th place and the winner of an $18,000 prize! This funding will be put toward continuing GridForce’s three missions. Thanks to everyone involved who inspired and shaped this into a winning entry!!

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The goal was to make one app able to hire numerous specialty contractors for emergency work.

Rapid Request provides utility companies and their contractors a secure, easy way to search for, book and manage emergency inspections, repairs and maintenance.

Here’s how it works:

1. The utility dispatcher requests specialized workers in a simple order form and provides show-up time and location.

2. As soon as the request is submitted, any contractors with skills specified are notified to confirm.

3. Contractor employees receive check-in requests and can confirm or deny by text message.

4. As the contactors staff confirm, they are provided the show-up time and location by text message.

5. The utility dispatcher gets real-time reporting and notifications, so they can verify help is on the way.

This incredible time saving means crews are mobilized quicker, thereby restoring power with greater scale and efficiency.

Rapid Request has a simple way to onboard contractors and workers.

1. The Utility Admin adds the contractor and invites them to Rapid Request.

2. The Contractor Admin adds workers, classifications and phone numbers.

3. Workers verify their phone number by text message to complete the setup process.

Rapid Request provides a simple user interface, capable of requesting and routing hundreds of employees across many contractors, in one single form.

Once a contractor confirms, Rapid Request uses Formulas and Automations to sort and allocate staff to available spots. If an employee does not meet a Classification required or denies the spot, Rapid Request will choose the next in line, until all spots are filled, or the request is kicked back to allow other contractors to take their spot.




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