How ChatGPT wrote us a Job Posting and MidJourney Prompt

Hi ChatGPT, AI Writer for GridForce!

Hello! How can I assist you today?

I recently saw a job posting from Zapier which I really liked. It’s called the “Zapier General Interest Form”. This is not linked to a specific job, but instead allows candidates to be the first to know if a position at Zapier opens. When are done reading it let me know.

Sure, I’ll take a look at the Zapier General Interest Form. Just let me know when you’re ready.

<copy/paste from page>

Here is some additional info about GridForce: <copy/paste from GridForce About us page>

Sure, here is a potential General Interest Form for Future Executive Roles at GridForce:

GridForce General Interest Form for Future Executive Roles

Thank you for your interest in potential future executive roles at GridForce! Our company is on a mission to digitize and transform the construction industry one app at a time, and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

As a potential candidate for future executive roles, we value your interest in our company and would like to stay connected with you. By filling out this form, you will be added to our Talent Community and will be the first to know when we post new executive positions that may be a good fit for your skillset.

At GridForce, we stand for reliable user-first products, leading by example, and serving others. Our three missions are to provide the best available products and services to our customers, operate for long-term growth by supporting our customers’ goals and needs, and build and support technologies that create positive impacts on our customers’ business. Our four company values are reliability, user-first, team strength, and trusted reputation.

Our executive roles may include positions in account management, customer success, industry design, and technical core development. We seek individuals who are supportive, professional, creative, and determined, and who embody our company values.

GridForce believes that innovation is everything, and it has been at the center of our story from day one. We embrace new concepts, products, and adventures, and believe that everything is possible and that the possibilities are endless. If you share our passion for innovation and believe you have what it takes to help us transform the construction industry, please fill out this form to join our Talent Community.

We look forward to connecting with you and potentially exploring future executive roles at GridForce!


The GridForce Team

Nice job ChatGPT, you nailed it. If there were to be an image with this post, what would you suggest the image be? Please describe as visually descriptive, as your prompt will be used within Midjourney to generate the blog post image.

For the image, I would suggest a group of construction workers on a job site, wearing hard hats and high-visibility vests, using digital devices such as tablets or smartphones, with a futuristic-looking building or construction project in the background. This would visually represent GridForce’s mission of digitizing and transforming the construction industry, as well as their focus on providing reliable, user-first products and services. The futuristic building in the background would convey a sense of innovation and possibility, which is at the core of GridForce’s values. The use of digital devices by the construction workers would also suggest the integration of technology into the construction process, which is a key area of focus for GridForce.

This is great imagery, thank you ChatGPT. Please rewrite this image in the following format, which is known as the Midjourney prompt formula: (Subject matter), (Setting), (5 descriptive details about the subject matter and setting)

Construction Workers on a Digitized Job Site, in Front of a Futuristic Building

  • Construction workers wearing hard hats and high-visibility vests

  • Digital devices such as tablets and smartphones being used on the job site

  • A futuristic-looking building or construction project in the background

  • A digitally enhanced environment, with sensors and other technology visible on the job site

  • A sense of collaboration and teamwork among the workers, as they use technology to streamline their work processes

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